2019 IESF World Tekken 7 Championship Selection

The NZESF has chosen to use a selection process this year – as many national teams do – that is in line with its regulations and the option to so under the IESF World Champs entry regulations (Article 5). This a departure from previous years, namely due to the late notice of the Games being held at the World Champs and the level of support provided to national teams.

We agree that it would be preferable to run national qualifiers but are reliant on being informed of the nominated games and ensuring sufficient support is in place to send representatives and either stage events or work with 3rd party organisers.

The late notification of these details and the window we had to put forward the representative made it unviable to run national LAN qualifiers like we have held in previous years or ask a third party to convene. Online qualifiers were considered but were deemed to be unsuitable to find New Zealand’s best Tekken 7 player.

Based on these factors the decision to opt for a selection was implemented. On review of a number of tournaments over 2019, the best available New Zealand player at the time – Wowzer – was chosen. If a player or team is signed to a professional team then the NZESF recognises their club affiliation through jersey placement and associated communications.

The IESF World Championship entry regulations can be viewed below for those members who wish to review.

IESF World Championship Competition Regulations

For future planning purposes, any third-party organisers and event organisers wishing to run qualifiers are more than welcome to contact us at info@esf.nz or via our Facebook page.

We appreciate your feedback and wish Wowzer all the best at the World Championships.

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