Community Grant funding

Thank you for your interest in applying for a community grant. This form is designed to help you understand the various requirements needed for a successful grant submission and to collect the necessary information for the NZESF to provide you with our endorsement in the form of a letter of support. 

Regional trusts and other funding bodies will often require a letter of support from the NZESF for your application to be successful. The NZESF team have designed this form from the feedback of many of our funding bodies around New Zealand. We will review all applications, and provide you with feedback, regardless of the outcome.

Although you are free to apply for any project or funding that you believe genuinely contributes to the betterment of esports in New Zealand, including the NZESF core objectives of; Inclusive Participation, Education, Fair Play and Empowerment. To help guide your application, we recommend you read the article below for a number of best practice guidelines to help you have a higher chance of success with your application.

NZESF Letter of Support Application

One Application Per Month Limit

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