New Zealand Esports Hyperfibre League

The New Zealand Esports Hyperfibre League (NZEHL) has arrived. For the first time gamers from around the country will have the opportunity to compete in an open-entry New Zealand only esport tournament. 

Tournament Information

Registration Closes: 5th of August
Competition Dates: 9th of August to 9th of October
Game Titles: League of Legends and Valorant
Format: 8 weeks online swiss round robin
Skill Levels: All

Game Times: Two Games Per Week Online. 6pm to Late. Tuesday (Valorant) and Wednesday (League of Legends)
Prize Pool: Scholarships & Spot Prizes
Grand Final: Sky City Theatre – Auckland (8th-9th Oct)
Entry Fee: None

Game titles include Valorant and League of Legends and will give everybody the opportunity to compete and improve their game, from high school students, to aspiring professional players looking for a challenge. After 8 weeks of online competition, the inaugural grand final will bring players together from across the country to battle it out for to be named New Zealand’s champions. 

Registrations are now closed

We will be sending out the official draw and tournament information to your registered captain via email this weekend in preparation for the first games next week!

Introducing Guilds

New Zealand Aotearoa is divided into six guilds, when competing in the New Zealand Esports Hyperfibre League, you will be required to make a team decision on which guild you wish to represent.

This decision is entirely up to you (and your team), but only the top representative from a guild can make it to the Champions Division and be able to claim the national championship.

If you are representing an academic institute, such as a secondary school or university, you must participate under the controlling guild of your main campus based on the guild map. For example, if you go to Otago University, you will need to compete as Frost.


Frequently Asked Questions

The inaugural season of the New Zealand Esports Hyperfibre League will host two esports events, one for Valorant and one for League of Legends

This is an amateur tournament, and so there is no official prize pool.

However there are multiple academic scholarships, and spot prizes to be won throughout the event.

Only full teams can sign up on our website, but if you’re an individual or have a small group looking for a few more, you can hunt for more players on our Discord server.

No – The NZEHL is for players of all skill levels. If you are super competitive, you will be seeded into progressively more difficult matches. If you are more casual and just like to compete, you will be seeded into the lower divisions of play.

We hope to introduce more divisions in the future for special age categories.

Guilds are the heart of the NZ Esports Hyperfibre League – every team competes nationally, but only one representative from each guild qualifies for the national final

Yes! On October 8th and 9th we will be hosting a LAN final in Auckland in Sky City Theatre.

Tickets will go on sale during the regular season, but there are only 700 seats and we will sell out!

If your team makes the final, you will have to travel and stay in Auckland at your own expense.

Absolutely! That’s the beauty of esports!

Yes! The Women’s Track of the New Zealand Esports Hyperfibre League will run alongside the Open Track, with the top two teams for each esport advancing to the Auckland live final in October. 


For the most part. This event is open to anyone in New Zealand for the duration of the competition, including those working or studying here on overseas visas. If you’re going to be heading overseas during the course of NZEHL, please reach out to confirm your ongoing eligibility in the competition. 

You are able to register one substitute player for team events. This player may be substituted into your squad ahead of a gameday, but admins will need to be notified that this change has been made. 

Hold tight! We will be releasing rulesets and further information as more teams enter the event. 

In the meantime, get to practicing! Registrations close in a few weeks, after that all registered individuals will be contacted with further details.

Valorant will be played on Tuesday evenings, while League of Legends will be played on Wednesday evenings.

There are two match slots an evening, with teams playing one game per slot for a total of two games a week. 

On gamedays, timeslots are relatively flexible. If your team can’t make a 6pm game for example, we can reschedule that match for later in the evening.

This will require notice well ahead of time and for other teams to consent, so make sure if you’re going to be delayed, there’s no feasible way to play in your original timeslot. 

In the event of an issue happening, please pause the game and notify the other team that an issue has occurred, followed by immediately contacting an admin.

Abuse of the pause function may result in disqualification

Please contact us via email or if you’re in the NZ Esports discord, DM Alexicon1 

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